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Salisbury, Maryland, USA
Date of birth
September 26th, 1956

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Only two things were able to upstage the super subhuman performance of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a killer robot in The Terminator (1984), and both those things were gently swinging from Linda Hamilton's blessed chest. Be honest. What was more impressive, the FX wizardry or lovely Linda's unfettered frolicking as the girl on top in what was probably conceived of as a gratuitous fake… Join Mr Skin to read her entire Biography

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Skin Filmography

Title Pics & Clips
Sex & Mrs. X (2000) – as Joanna Scott Sexy underwear 1 Pics & Clips
Separate Lives (1995) – as Lauren Porter Nude breasts 2 Pics & Clips
Terminator 2 (1991) – as Sarah Connor Sexy sexy 8 Pics & Clips
King Kong Lives! (1986) – as Amy Franklin Nude breasts 4 Pics & Clips
Black Moon Rising (1986) – as Nina Nude breasts 5 Pics & Clips
The Terminator (1984) – as Sarah Connor Nude breasts 6 Pics & Clips

TV Shows

Title Pics & Clips
The Line (2009 - 2009) – as Carol Nude breasts 7 Pics & Clips
Thief (2006 - 2006) – as NA
Hercules (1998 - 1999) – as Nemesis
Beauty and the Beast (1987 - 1990) – as Catherine Chandler
King's Crossing (1982 - 1982) – as Lauren
Secrets of Midland Heights (1980 - 1981) – as Lisa Rogers

Nude Scene Guide

King Kong Lives! (1986) … Amy Franklin


Lying outside, Lovely, luscious Linda whips off her sleeping bag and quickly releases her naked breasts into the wild. (9 seconds)

Mr Skin has 1 nude clip and 3 nude pics from King Kong Lives!. Join Mr Skin to see them.

Black Moon Rising (1986) … Nina


Ms. Terminator breaks out some killer left ta-ta while getting busy in bed with her beau. (59 seconds)

Mr Skin has 1 nude clip and 4 nude pics from Black Moon Rising. Join Mr Skin to see them.

The Terminator (1984) … Sarah Connor


Several views of her heroic hooters as she rides Michael Biehn's robot-hating man-rod. Move your hands, Mike, we can't see! (38 seconds)

Mr Skin has 1 nude clip and 5 nude pics from The Terminator. Join Mr Skin to see them.


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