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Miami, Florida, USA
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Kristin Minter Biography

A tan-complected Florida fox who flew to Europe for a modeling career after high school, Kristin Minter came back to America and landed an up-front, sassy spot as gum-popping Randy on the TV mega-hit ER. People wanted to see more of Kristin's teasing and seldom sexually appropriate receptionist Randy, and people got what they wanted when Minter quit the show to advance in… Join Mr Skin to read her entire Biography

Top Scenes

Skin Filmography

Six Sex Scenes and a Murder (2008) – as Regan Price Nude breasts
Diamond Men (2001) – as Cherry Nude breasts
Tick Tock (2000) – as Carla Nude breasts, bush, butt, lesbian
Savage (1997) – as Marie Belot Nude breasts, butt
Flashfire (1993) – as Lisa Cates Nude breasts

TV Shows

Ray Donovan (2013 -  ) – as Liza Hendricks Nude breasts, butt
G vs E (1999 - 2000) – as Annalise
ER (1994 - 2009) – as Miranda 'Randi' Fronczak
The Outsiders (1990 - 1990) – as Sheila

Nude Scene Guide

Six Sex Scenes and a Murder (2008) … Regan Price


Kristin's the meat in a man sandwich, exposing some very nice right boob as she makes out with two dudes.

Diamond Men (2001) … Cherry


Kristin's perky pair appears as she ponders some passionate pole-pounding with Donnie Wahlberg.


Yet more gratuitously-globed goodness as she straddles Captain New Kid for some post-coital cuddling...

Tick Tock (2000) … Carla


breasts, bush, butt
Bare breasts as she bludgeons a dude to death. Then we see her ass as she takes off, followed by brief full-frontal while she runs out of house, then more all-points-nudity as she crosses a lawn and hoses the blood off outside.

Savage (1997) … Marie Belot


breasts, butt
Code boob! ER babe Kristin shows off a satisfying slice of T&A having sex, then getting up after.

Flashfire (1993) … Lisa Cates


Nice shots of her perky peaches as she is roughly stripped down.


More of her boom booms during a sex scene that is interrupted when her man is shot in the chest.


She strips down as the cop watches through the blinds.


Long sex scene with lots of her love bubbles and some nice panties.

Ray Donovan (2013 -  ) … Liza Hendricks


butt, breasts
Kristin is riding her guy in bed and we see her right breast and butt until she gets freaked out by a recording device that falls out from behind a picture on the wall.

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