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Place of birth
Tanger, Morocco
Date of birth
February 13th, 1954
Real name
Manuel Fernandez Chica

Bibí Andersen Biography

Bibí Andersen started out as Bibí Mandersen! Indeed, it was only after Bibí had his b.b.’s removed during a sex change operation that he became a starlet, beginning her career opposite perennial Spanish hottie Victoria Abril in Cambio de sexo (1977). Since then Bibí’s played second fiddle to the sultry vixen in such films as La Noche mas Hermosa (1984), Tacones lejanos (1991),… Join Mr Skin to read her entire Biography

Top Scenes

Skin Filmography

Title Pics & Clips
Atómica (1998) – as Roxy Foxy (as Bibí Andersen) Nude
Not Love, Just Frenzy (1996) – as Cristina Nude breasts, bush, butt 5 Pics & Clips
Kika (1993) – as Susana Nude breasts, bush, butt 2 Pics & Clips
Sé infiel y no mires con quién (1985) – as Raquel (as Bibí Andersen) Nude
La Noche más hermosa (1984) – as Bibí (as Bibí Andersen) Nude
Cambio de sexo (1977) – as Bibí Nude breasts, bush, butt 2 Pics & Clips

TV Shows

Title Pics & Clips
Ankawa (2005 - 2006) – as Herself
Corazón de... (1997 -  ) – as Herself
Dónde estás, corazón (2003 -  ) – as Herself
Mirando al mar (2004 - 2004) – as Herself
Menta y chocolate (2003 - 2003) – as Herself
Lo + plus (1995 - 2005) – as Herself (as Bibí Andersen)
Pasapalabra (2000 -  ) – as Herself
Los Comunes (1999 - 1999) – as Herself
Crónicas marcianas (1997 -  ) – as Herself
Señor Alcalde (1997 - 1998) – as NA
Estress (1991 - 1991) – as Herself
Sábado noche (1987 - 1989) – as Herself

Nude Scene Guide

Not Love, Just Frenzy (1996) … Cristina


breasts, bush, butt
Jawdroppingly spectacular frontal furburgerage from Bibi, who loses her robe for a change of clothes. (37 seconds)

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Cambio de sexo (1977) … Bibí


Bibí dances all sexy-like onstage. She's smokin' hot, sure, but there's something . . . different about her. Something oddly familiar. She doffs the bra to show some teeny tits, then when the bottoms come off . . . hells bells, that chick's got a dick! (126 seconds)

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bush, butt
Andersen drops her bikini bottoms for Victoria, baring buns for us, and (we assume) her she-nis for Vic. But when she turns around--hallelujah, we've got bush! She got chopped! (29 seconds)

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