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Austin, Texas, USA
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January 9th, 1973

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It took the nuthouse sleeper Girl, Interrupted (1999) to bring the kooky come-on Angela Bettis to sinema fans' attention. But Mr. Skin has been following the svelte sway of arousing Angela since the mid '90s when she first bloomed in TV guest spots on Sliders and Touched By an Angel. Angela is definitely touched, but in a way that makes men everywhere want… Join Mr Skin to read her entire Biography

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Scar (2007) – as Joan Burrows Sexy
May (2002) – as May Canady Sexy lesbian, underwear 13 Pics & Clips
Carrie (2002) – as Carrie White Nude butt 11 Pics & Clips
The Last Best Sunday (1999) – as Lolly Ann Summers Nude breasts 3 Pics & Clips
Sparrow (1993) – as Maria Nude breasts 7 Pics & Clips

TV Shows

Title Pics & Clips
Masters of Horror (2005 - 2007) – as Ida Teeter Nude

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Carrie (2002) … Carrie White


The camera sweeps through a women's locker room, giving us some nice looks at Kandyse, Chelan, and Emilie in their undies, and a nice butt shot from Angela as she collapses on the floor! (229 seconds)

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The Last Best Sunday (1999) … Lolly Ann Summers


Ample breastages and side nudity when Angela removes her top and shags her guy. Ooh yeah, she likes that. Mmm-hmm. (81 seconds)

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